WordPress dropshipping plugin, meant to automate every task so you can focus on your marketing.

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Jack Johansson

Freelance web developer

December 19, 2016

Automated Dropshipping

DropshipExpress allows the user to fully automate the process of dropshipping from online retailers. This includes searching the stores, importing products, editing, setting prices, updating, and even shipping. The user needs to set up a series of rules regarding how to manage their store. The plugin will then perform the actions automatically, so the user can focus more on marketing rather than being stuck in the loop of clicking buttons. That being said, the user of course can choose to manually perform all of the above.

The plugin offers detailed options for each retailer store that it supports, alongside some general settings such as permissions and proxy servers. Here's a quick screenshot of the main options page:

DropshipExpress General Options

An screenshot of the first tab of general options

To automate tasks such as importing, the user will set up some rules on how to search the retailer stores, and import the products. Here's a quick peek of the said feature:

DropshipExpress Import Rules

An screenshot of import rules page, with 2 rules set at the time

Each imported product will then be available for editing, if needed. This allows the user to put a final touch on what will be published on their website.

DropshipExpress Imported Products

Illustration shows a sample product imported and ready for publish.

DropshipExpress also support automated order fulfilment. This means, when a product is purchased from a supported retailer, the plugin will try to automatically purchase the products from the retailer and send it to the customer:


Screenshot showing the order fulfilment options

The first and most important rule for me is to always keep the product optimised, and secure, even if it takes much more effort and requires additional learnings. For this, I provide user the options to keep their performance even highers. Here's a screenshot of the plugin's miscellaneous settings that offers features such as avoiding duplicate images:

DropshipExpress Miscellaneous Settings

A screenshot of the product's extra options

The plugin was entirely designed and coded by myself, which includes:

  • Back-end Development : Fully developed in OOP. No functions declared in the code.
  • Front-end Development : The interfaced is based on bootstrap. Extra JavaScript codes are written by me.
  • API Development : Pure-PHP API developed using only PHP and PDO. Responsible for most of the automated tasks.

Here's a short list of the features that are available in this plugin:

  • Manual/Automated import of products from retailers
  • Manual/Automated retailer search
  • Automated order fulfilment via ZincAPI
  • Automated price rules
  • Automated product update
  • Stock Management
  • Review Import
  • And ...

For a complete list of features and a demo, please click the button below to view the product on CodeCanyon.

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Jack Johansson

Freelance web developer

December 20, 2020